Just like a hockey team needs a deep roster to go far in the playoffs, Western Canadian Steel (WCS) relies on a veteran team of managers and fieldworkers to skillfully and safely carry out commercial projects to a high standard while remaining on schedule.

With the capacity to coordinate up to a 100 ironworkers, contractors and labourers on half a dozen jobsites across Western Canada, WCS has developed a solid reputation for following through on structural and pre-engineered steel building projects that exceed clients’ expectations.

“Your name and reputation say a lot,” says owner Corey Ivanitz. “Our advantage is we run a safe company so there’s no liability for the client. We prioritize safety and quality, while meeting production schedules.”

As a sign of WCS’s dedication to worksite safety—which includes the implementation of a company-wide audited safety program—we have been awarded the COR (Certificate of Recognition) designation for Western Canada from the Construction Safety Alliance.

Years of experience allows WCS‘s management team to effectively communicate project goals and timelines between office staff, field crews and clients to ensure your project remains on schedule.