Worksite safety is an integral part of any industrial project, and it’s one of the reasons more general contractors are turning to Western Canadian Steel (WCS) for their pre-engineered and structural steel building solutions. Our company has developed a reputation for being able to remain productive and on schedule while strictly adhering to the ongoing safety requirements that protect the jobsite and all those working on it.

Safety is part of the culture at WCS. It trickles down from the top, starting with the management team and continues down to the workforce. We have taken it upon ourselves to safeguard our team by implementing a COR audited safety program.

Our experienced management team oversees everything from estimating to logistics to project management—this enables our field crews to have the support they need to deliver a project on time, and on budget—no matter the location.

WCS understands that corporations are heavily invested in their projects. When awarded a project, we are completely committed to your success, and following through on a given assignment is something WCS has become renowned and respected for.

Part of the reason we’re able to do this is that we have access to the skilled manpower needed for even the biggest of jobs. Our in-house management team ensures they continually meet the high standard of workmanship our clients have come to expect on every project.