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Complete services for pre-engineered and structural steel building construction

Commercial Steel

Building Erection

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Industrial Steel

Building Erection

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Pre-Engineered Steel Installs

Our expert crews erect pre-engineered steel buildings safely, efficiently and to the highest possible standards and are experienced in large clear spans and complex buildings of any size, whether it be commercial or heavy industrial. These versatile buildings are ideal for arenas, large clear spans, warehouses, aviation, oil, power, mining and gas. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 3 year written warranty for our pre-engineered steel building installations.

Structural Steel Installation

Oil, power, mining, gas and other heavy industrial projects often have special installation requirements. From railings, platforms and mezzanines, we’ll incorporate any features you require, as well as the full building package.

Insulated Panel Installation

Our clients recognize the long-term cost savings of using energy-efficient insulated panels for heated building spaces which offer the best insulation, weatherproofing and durability in the industry. We have all the expertise to install any type of insulated panel system available.

Wall Cladding Installation

We specialize in all interior and exterior wall systems of any complexity, single and dual skin cladding, built-out wall systems (double skin), blowout panels and interior liner packages.

Sheet Metal Roofs

The only thing standing between your business and the elements is the roof overhead. Our experienced teams build standing seam roofs, screw down roofs and RTS built-up roofs that last the test of time and weather. We can accommodate all manner of framed openings (skylights) and mechanical curbs (heating and AC).

Crane Installation

We’ve done everything from one-ton cranes in small shops up to 100-ton units for mining operations. By combining our experience in overhead and gantry cranes with expertise in runway beam installations and metal works, we offer the complete crane installation, up to commissioning.

Hangar Door Installation

WCS takes care of hangar doors of all sizes in an array of configurations, including: vertical lifting, bottom rolling, bi-fold, and single slide doors. These doors are ideal for applications that require access for oversized machinery and equipment, such as aviation, agriculture, mill sites and manufacturing shops.

Project Management Services

Our dedicated project management team streamlines the building process by increasing control and raising productivity while keeping your project on schedule and ensuring strict adherence to all health, safety and environmental regulations. We handle everything from estimating to scheduling and coordinating with other onsite contractors and tradespeople. We also maintain constant communication with clients every step of the way. We have a complete in-house management team including full estimating services, human resources, logistics, safety, and project co-ordination supporting our field staff and our clients.

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